About Michigan Brew Cruise

Michigan Brew Cruise

Michigan Brew Cruise (MBC) is your guide to some great alcohol establistments in Michigan.  If you’re a Michigander, Michiganster or visiting this awesome state, MBC can ensure your visits to breweries distilleries, meaderies or wineries are visits you will remember.

Our Story

Michigan Brew Cruise is the result of a lunch meeting.  Scott met a tourist from Denmark that was visiting Detroit.  His reason for the visit was good music and beer.  Phone numbers were swapped and let’s just say Detroit was the best stop for the tourist. 

Meet the Man Behind Michigan Brew Cruise

Scott La Pointe, Founder (Second from left)

I’m Scott the founder of Michigan Brew Cruise. Bringing my knowledge of event coordination and love of great craft beverages together I wanted to ensure locals or tourist to the Detroit area can experience safe travels to various breweries in Michigan.

After 15 years in the Air Force I came home to look for a new adventure.  I was quickly introduced into the art of brewing beer but over time I drank more than I brewed.  From that I was introduced to mead.  With that came a hobby of making some at home.  

I met a local tourist in Detroit at a brewery. With small talk he told me he was in town for music and beer.  I’m not very knowledgeable about music but damn if I can’t tell you where to get the best damn beer.  So the next day we set off and he was introduced to Michigan beer and an idea was born.

Michigan Brew Cruise is your guide to some of the most wonderful alcohol establishments  in the state of Michigan.  I want you to have an experience like no other and also grow you knowledge in the great craft beverages world. 



Giving Back

Michigan Brew Cruise is teaming up with VetTix.Org to give back.  Veterans have a chance to hop on and ride out to tours offered by Michigan Brew Cruise.

A special Thank you to those who have helped with the growth of Michigan Brew Cruise